What smart devices do you have?

What sort of smart devices do you have and how do you use it? Show off your collection!

Since we moved into our new house, we now have Philips Hue lights, Nest protect, Amazon Alexa, Sonos and a Smart TV. I still need to hook up my own NAS server and find a nice project for the Raspberry Pi I have laying around…

  • Philips Hue set of 3
    2 in the livingroom and 1 in the bedroom.

  • Amazon Alexa
    Great for making shoppinglists, settings timers and fooling around

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a Home Wizard setup with ‘klik aan / klik uit’ devices like motion dectectors, switches, 2 cams and 2 smoke detectors. Also a Nefit Easy thermostat. So, you can imagine I am looking forward to a ‘Home Wizard’ and a “Nefit” channel :wink:


Great setup you have at home.

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Right now in my setup:

GOOGLE NEST: 6 devices.
PHILIPS HUE: 11 devices.
ATHOM HOMEY: 1 device.
Böse: 1 wireless speaker:

All connected thru my Athom Homey controller, IFTTT and offcourse Triggi.
On my wishlist is still the Google home device. Waiting for the Dutch speaking version of it.


At home,

3 SmartTV (Tizen, WebOS, Sony)
Logitech Harmony
Galaxy S7 , S4
Apple ipad, iphones
Philips Hue with lights and sensor
SolarLoger on Linux
Security Cameras in+external
GPS tracker

Philips Hue is new and still searching how to work with for best experience.
Example: I would like to:

  • Configure lights when I start the TV (tizen) when of course light is needed (luminosity of x %).
  • Manage % of light during phases like sunrise and sunset, a kind of fade in fade out during that periods.
  • Motion sensor: a way to configure more than one timer.
  • OK google : some procedure to control via voice philips hue.

Have a nice day


Let me think.

1 Google Chromecast
5 smart wallplugs
1 Raspberry Pi with Domoticz (i love it. :joy:)
1 Toon
4 Klikaanklikuit
1 Broadlink smart plug

I want to have Philips Hue, but my wife dont like it. It cost to much :frowning:

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Hi mAiden, good to see you here.
My wife had the same idea about Hue until I won a Hue set with 3 coloured bulbs.
Nowadays we have 7 Hue lamps and this is not why I love it.
Even as a night lamp we use it now (Hue bloom) and what’s more, friends and family buy it some time later when they visit us. I really can advise it because it is beautiful and saves you energy because it is applicable in a simple way for every day.

Hi guys,

I am new to toon and still waiting for activating my account but I just love gadgets and trying to link them as a complete system:

Nest protect
NetAtmo weather station
Phlilips Hue
Apple devices including appleTv
Qnap Nas/FreeNAS - basic install Domoticz
Ordered smartplugs

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Oké, ik maak ook even een opstelling:

Samsung LED TV 9000 Smart TV
Dreambox 8000, smart bediening via App
Denon AVR X2000, smart bediening via App
Deur Video station IDC-25, smart bediening via App
Powermax Alarm Centrale; koppeling met Triggi?
2 GPS Trackers voor de E-bike
12 Philips Hue verlichting
6 Fibaro Slimme stekkers
1 Fibaro Rookmelder
Synology NAS DS214+
iPhone 6 Plus
iPad 9,7 Pro

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Kaku ics-2000 with P1 connection.
± 70 KaKu devices (receivers and senders) (Lights, switches, sunscreens, doorbell)
5 cresta temp/humidity sensors
Windows Home Server(actually Windows 2012 Servers R2 Essentials
Smart meters (gas and electricity AND Water!)
Samsung TV UE40H7000SL
Samsung Homecinema
Android TV NEO x8h plus
Cams outside(Elro 1x, Foscam 2x, Super Dome
Nest thermostat
3 Android touchscreen(default in PhotoFram mode)
Solar Panels including transformer with WIFI

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Samsung UE40ES6100
Pioneer BCS-414 5.1
RPi3 running Kodi OSMC
Sonos Play:5
KlikAanklikuit ICS-2000
3 smart bulbs
4 smart plugs
Oneplus 3T
iPad air
Moto 360 smartwatch (2nd gen)

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Google Chromecast 2x
AVM Fritz!Box 7340 2x (Router/AP + Telephony + DECT)
SolarEdge SE2200 (Solar inverter)
Android Phone(s)/Tablet(s)
Smart meters


  • Philips Hue
  • Nest Protect(s)
  • smart wallplugs
  • smart radiator knobs
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  • Smart home
    Logitech Harmony Hub
    Logitech Squeezebox with local server (Radio/Boom/Touch)
    Loads of KlikAanKlikUit devices with ICS-2000 Gateway
    Danfoss Link for Heating control (control valves in every room plus thermostats and a central internet connected controller; I’m a beta user for this product)
    Sony Android based smart TV

  • Supporting it infra
    Ubiquity network infrastructure (wired/wifi) with central controller
    Synology NAS

  • End user devices all Apple based.

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KAKU with 32 devices (almost everything)
Honeywell Evohome with 6 individual controlled rooms
Honeywell in Triggi would be very nice. I now use IFTTT, but one app would be nicer and better servicable…


Philips Hue everywhere. 18 bulbs and 12 switches (Homekit) (bridge is maxed out!!)
Nest Protect (4 x)
Sonos Wireless speakers in all rooms
Apple TV (Homekit)
Neato Botvac connected (Wifi connected)
Siemens Oven (Wifi connected)
Siemens Coffeemaker (Wifi connected)
Samsung Smart TV
Axis cams
Koogeek EU smartplugs (Homekit)
Honeywell Evohome

Waiting for Luxaflex Powerview blinds (Homekit)
Kicked out my HomeWizard
Kicked out my Fibaro HC2


Now a second Hue bridge and several Hue motion detectors

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Hallo, waar lees jij de watermeter mee uit? ics 2000?

All lights and shutters with klikaanklikuit. Using ics2000 and ics1000.
Chacon doorbel/ video/ dooropener.
Logitech harmony.
Apple tv.
Abus security camera.

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Hi there, new on this forum.
Have Hue (bridge 1)
Toon (+zon)
KPN Smartlife for all other stuff

Would be Nice to see triggi connecting with the Qivicon box(smartlife) that would open a new world.

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