What smart devices do you have?

Hi @Menno_van_Eck,

Welcome on our forum! Can you tell me what the Qivicon box is? And how do you use KPN Smartlife in and around your house?


Hi Frank, Qivicon is the home automation box used by KPN Smartlife. I use this box to read sensors (door and movement), alerting, reading remote controls, switches etc. Furthermore it supports thermostats. One cool feature could be to combine Toon with other (radiator) thermostats to create a multi zone solution. Other trigg could be a wood stove setting for Toon (lower radiator therm, fire up Toon) to keep upper floor rooms heated.
Currently i do experiment (a lot) with EQ3 thermostats in combination with Qivicon, works like a charm, but I really miss the connection with Toon. Other thing would be. When sun is shining, lower curtains, when temp is above setpoint. (so not when its raining).

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I use also a Home Wizard with Smartwares, Flamingo devices like thermostat valve, switches, and weather sensors (temp/rain, and also magnet contacts. So, you can imagine I am also looking forward to a ‘Home Wizard’ channel

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