Tuya / (Smart life / Calex / Hema / Kruidvat / Action / LSC smart connect / ...)

Hi all,
I am new to this. But,

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?


Tuya Smart Life devices are not directly supported by Olisto yet, but I control mine using IFTTT maker triggers, which you can invoke using the Olisto Connect service. The drawback is that IFTTT’s Smart Life service doesn’t support variable input parameters, so you have to specify a separate command for each Smart Life action you want to use from Olisto - for example three separate maker commands for Light On, Light 50%, and Light Off.


An newbie question.

I have some wi-fi outlet sockets that works with the tuya and smart life app.
But is there also channel planned for this brand?
Or is there another way to use them with olisto?

I’m a newbie with home automation.


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Hi Tia,

Sadly we do not have Tuya integration yet. We hope to get this at some point, but we’ve had some problems with connecting with them.

Hoi Rémy

Dat het jullie aandacht heeft doet mij goed.
Ik heb inmiddels 2 van zulke WiFi slimme stekkers en een koppeling met Olisto wordt hier node gemist.

Ik ben benieuwd of opneming bij Olisto zal plaats vinden.

Zou mooi zijn want deze hardware is betaalbaar.
Ik heb wel even IFTTT zitten spelen en de (tuya) smart live server maar deze server werkt niet goed.
Heb een pir (werkt met TUYA) de smart life server ziet hem ook maar doet niets met de actie.
Je kan er dus niets mee in of uit schakelen.
Denk dat olisto ook deze “smart life” server moet gaan gebruiken en dan schiet het in mijn geval niet op.

Is there already some progress?

Not that know off.

Smart Life is a big part in my home…please do all you can so I (and many more people) can enjoy the big world of Olisto slight_smile:

Komt er nog een kanaal bij voor wifi producten zoals smart life of Tuya.

Zie ook:


Tuya can be controlled with ifttt, with olisto connect and ifttt webhooks it is posible to control tuya with olisto.

Hallo Tim,

Heb je toevallig een voorbeeld hoe je dit kunt doen?


Hallo Tim,

Heb je toevallig een voorbeeld hoe je dit kunt doen?


Tuya is a white-label manufacturer whose products are being sold by several brands. Tuya has agreements with each of those brands about who can access their API but usually this is limited to Google Home, Amazon Alexa and maybe IFTTT. So in the end it depends on the brand you’ve bought the product from but this far it’s not been possible for us to connect to any of them.

You might try to control it through IFTTT using Olisto connectors as suggested above (peoples experiences in controlling several other brands through IFTTT can be found throughout the forum).
Earlier I wrote that Tuya support may disappear from IFTTT, but as @DPAmes explained this no longer seems to be a problem.

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Tuya had a dispute with IFTTT over increased corporate partner fees back in May, and they took it to the extent of cancelling IFTTT support for the month of June. By the end of June they had negotiated a compromise with IFTTT, and service was restored as of the beginning of July.

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An update: We are currently renewing our contact with Tuya and things seem hopeful, so fingers crossed…

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What kind of functionality are you thinking of (delete what is not applicable):

Channel / More conditions or actions to existing channel / App functionality

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?


What functionality would you like to propose:

Integration with smartlife products. Got several sockets wich i would like to shut down all at once. IFTTT does it but i dont like IFTTT. Olisto is more user friendly.
It should be possible i think

Ik heb meerdere calex lampen in huis. Als ik deze nou zou kunnen verbinden met de andere ondersteunde 3e patrijen die wel compatible zijn. Dan zou ik alles kunnen automatiseren

Hoi Daniel, is hier al meer bekend over.
Denk dat een hoop mensen hier met smart na uitkijken