Samsung smartthings channel connection problem

**App version:**2.26.0
Phone OS: Android 10
Problem description:

Hi, when I try to connect Olisto to Samsung smartthings I can log in and I get locations to choose from and what I want to allow Olisto to do. After that I get white page with following text (I removed the token):

cannot GET /channel/samsung-smartthings/ops/externalWait?token=xxxx&redirectURL=null

Any ideas how to fix this problem? I have already tried to reboot phone, clear cache of Olisto and also tried with different phone.

Same problem here, anybody has a solution?!

Hi. Having the exact same problem. An update on this would be much appreciated. If you need more in depth details let me know. Perfectly willing to help troubleshoot this.

Trying to connect my Smartthings hub to Olisto to be able to control KlikAanKlikUit.

Same problems here

Same issue here with Smartthings.
I login with my samsung account.

For me this started to work in few days ago. I did not change anything. Just tried again to connect Olisto to Smartthings. Hopefully this helps atleast bit, since it seems to be common problem.

Still looking into this, but in jvata’s case, something that may have also played a role is that this error also happened if after selecting a home on the Samsung site you click the button that refuses permission instead of the one that grants it. It may be confusing that it’s possible to explicitly refuse at that point, and the button placement and the confusing error message on our side wouldn’t help with that.

(The button on the left gives permission. The one on the right refuses it explicitly.)
The error message on our side when this happens has now been cleaned up to go back to the app and say connecting was unsuccesful, and I’ve added some extra logging to help us figure out if there is more going on. If you were having trouble please give it another shot.

The extra logging helped us uncover some more details, and we are in talks with Samsung to address this issue.

We have made changes that should resolve this issue. Please give it another try and let us know if it works.

Same issue as described. Impossible to connect the Samsung account and the APP

Same here - After clicking ‘Authorize’ I get an orange banner saying ‘connecting failed’, after a short delay. There’s an interim screen but it’s on for a fraction of a second so can’t make out what it’s trying to tell me.

Yup, same as chipsydisco describes. Would be great if this can be solved. Happy to share logfiles if needed @HaraldB

I don’t have any success linking Smartthings either. After clicking ‘Authorize’ I get an orange banner saying ‘connecting failed’,

Can anyone tell me how to solve this?

Same for me. Unable to connect smartthings.

Hi all, we have pinpointed the issue to the authentication process on the Samsung side. Unfortunately this it means it is out of our control and we depend on Samsung to fix this. We have reported the issue to them and are waiting for their response.

Hi all,
After a long time of emailing back and forth with Samsung the underlying issue has been identified but Samsung is unfortunately not planning to fix it anytime soon. So we deeply regret having to tell you that this will not get fixed for now.

In our testing we have never seen the issue occur with brand-new Samsung accounts. So if you’re really eager to connect SmartThings to Olisto you might consider to just create a new Samsung account just for this and see if that works.

Any updates about this issue?
As i tried it and still can’t connect with it.

The last update is right above your post, this is still the current status. It is not on Samsung’s agenda to fix this. Perhaps you as a customer can convince them.

Als jullie weten dat de connectie met smartthings niet werkt, waarom bieden jullie het dan aan?

Omdat het voor een groot aantal mensen wel werkt.