"Works with Nest" developer program shut down

Google recently announced that they will shut down the “Works with Nest” developer program meaning that they will close access to the Nest API for third party apps such as IFTT.
Will the Nest product integration in Olisto be affected by this change as well?

Hi @Nico, we’re still looking into options and trying to get more clarity from Google. But at this point it seems we won’t be able to offer the Nest channel anymore from August 31st onward.

Thanks Daniel for the feedback. Let’s hope that google makes the right choice!

This morning Google has modified their announcement to say that existing links to your Nest account will be grandfathered, and will keep working after August: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-reverses-course-on-cutting-off-works-with-nest/

However this is still useless. We all know that home automation is in a constant state of change, and even if the services you use don’t change, how often have you had to re-link something to fix a problem?

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In the Nest app I see under WWN(works with best) still ‘triggi’.
I like to keep the WWN as long as possible. Is it advisable to create a new WWN so I get ‘OLISTO’ before the end of August 2019? Or will it still be ‘triggi’?

Ps. Right now I have an ‘Nest API error’, but I don’t know if it is temporarily.

Hi @Floriszz, the name you’ll see in the Nest app will still be ‘Triggi’. This is because Nest hasn’t been allowing to make any changes to integrations for quite some time already, stating they were ‘re-organizing the Works with Nest program’. We all know what that means by now.
Do you still get a ‘Nest API error’?

It looks like it is working for now again. I’m not going to touch/change anything in the channels or WwN settings.