Webhook an Synology NAS senden


wie kann ich mit Olisto (Connect) einen Webhook an folgende URL senden?

https://IP-Adresse oder Webadresse:Port/webapi/entry.cgi?api=SYNO.SurveillanceStation.Webhook&method=“Incoming”&version=1&token=xyz

Habe schon versucht über “Jetzt” einen “Button” anzulegen welcher dann über “Triggs” ein “Conntect” befehlt sendet.
Da bekomme ich dann nur den Fehler: “Unbehobener Fehler triggi/response-error”

Das empfangen von Webhooks nach Olisto klappt dafür aber ohne Probleme!

Hi @mcreuter,

Ill reply in English because my German writing skills are not exactly amazing :wink:

First and foremost, your trigg is set up correctly, but the API is returning a 400. (Yes, I agree the error code should be more explanatory, I’ll make a note of that)

I noticed that you tried various different configurations. I will send you a PM with the exact results. Please let me know there if that is not sufficient for you to debug!

As a conclusion to the above problem:

Currently our systems support HTTPS with TLSv1 and TLSv2. The Synology NAS defaults to TLSv3, therefore not being able to connect over HTTPS. By changing the setting within the Synology settings, the problem was resolved.

Nonetheless, the goal remains to ultimately also support TLSv3.

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