Weather state always "Cloudy"

App version: 2.27.2
Phone OS: __14.2 iOS
Problem description:
Hi, Weather status has been stuck at “cloudy” for days, despite blue clear skies, not a single cloud for days in Germany, Munich Area.

This might be a problem of your source - Foreca erroneously shows Munich as “cloudly” indeed, which is incorrect.

Is there a way to determine the source if Foreca is unreliable / wrong?

Thanks !

Same problem here.

Hi @Olaf, I see that Foreca reports sunny weather for Munich right now .( Does this indeed mean that it’s not stuck anymore and the problem is solved?

Hi - indeed today it is correct - seems more bad quality of the Foreca data and not a technical Olisto issue. Let’s keep an eye of Foreca data quality a little while - are there other alternative weather data sources the weather channel could use if Foreca keep being incorrect ? Thanks !

And here we go again: Foreca reports „cloudy“ and there is not a single cloud on a bright blue Sky today / right now. Foreca report quality is unusable for blinds / shadow control unfortunately:( Can we get an alternative weather data source please ? Thanks !

Everything seems OK now, no?