Weather service trigger on delta change

The weather service can currently trigger only on a specific value, such as pressure changes to greater than or less than 1020 hPa, or on a change in weather, such as from sunny to cloudy. It would be much more useful if I could specify a delta change as the trigger condition, such as pressure changes by greater than 5 hPa.

Alternatively it would help if there were a way to do a time-based check, such as once per hour, which might allow comparison of the delta change elsewhere. There is no Action available to check the weather conditions.

After a couple of days of testing the weather change trigger, I agree with others that it always seems to be “cloudy”, so that parameter is not very useful.

For the moment I have instead created a Google Sheets script that checks the conditions from our local weather service web page once per hour and sends the information as /? parameters with a web call. That service reports a change in current conditions at least several times per day, while the service used by Olisto reports continuously “cloudy”. (If anyone wants a sample script, let me know - it’s easy to adapt to any weather service that has a web page)