Weather Forecast


I am a new user, so please bear with me :wink:

I am trying to automate the process of watering my plants. Therefore I need a condition to check the weather forecast, maybe with a max temperature and raining status.

Is it correct that the current weather plug in only allows to fetch the current data (current temperature etc) but not to get any forecast information?

No, there is also an opportunity to choose temperature forecast for tomorrow…that is what I used for my sprinklers. When temperature tommorow exceeds 22 degrees, the sprinklers will be turned on for 10 minutes. I’m also making a program for a Raspberry pi which calculates the needed amount of water per squared meter.

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Hm… How do I configure / read out the weather for tomorrow? Can you share a screenshot if possible?

The problem was that the location for the weather plug in was not set. There were some difficulties when trying to set the location so I skipped it and it seemed to work anyway because I was able to use the other weather conditions (except the one for the next day). Weird.