Weather channel looses location every day

App version: 2.27.2______
Phone OS: 14.2______
Problem description:

Connecting the weather channel work and it asks me to set and name my location, which I do. I can then create triggs with weather as expected. every couple of hours later or next day all conditions using the weather channel are set to „error“ and the location is missing.

I can re-enter the location for each trigg but then it is gone again a little later. deleting weather channel and re-adding it did not change the behavior

It seems there is an odd bug in the app where after disconnecting and reconnecting the channel, new units get associated with the deleted channel connection, and not recognized when logging back into the app later. We will look into it. In the meantime for you personally I have fixed some database entries so that your triggs should work properly again. Please let us know if there are further issues.

Quick feedback - your custom fixes to my DB entries seems to have worked, so far things are good.