Using IOtty to trigger an Olisto trigger


Is it possible to use iotty switches to trigger Olisto actions? For example: to trigger an Olisto trigger to switch off the lights, change the value of the thermostat, etc by pressing a button on the Iotty switch?


Well, tested them out myself: it’s working, but as I would like to have a ON and OFF button, this is not going to help me, as iotty is on OR off, which makes it impossible for me to trigger scenes in Olisto and have the correct status on the iotty switch. I’ve send them back.

So, net question is: who has a good suggestion for ON and OFF switches, working with Olisto? As KAKU does not support triggering via their switches, I can’t use them for triggering scenes within Olisto.


Honeywell T6

Have you solved the problem? I have T6 thermostat too and read manual here two times without any success. Maybe somewhere any additional instruction available?

Unfortunately still very few brands offer ‘old-fashioned’ switches/buttons that allow us to get their events in real time so that they can be used as conditions in Triggs. Some that do are ABB/Busch free@home, Legrand and Iotty. Or you could try some ‘bridges’ that we support: Samsung SmartThings or Thinka (which is a bridge for KNX devices).
Alternatively, if you have a device in mind that is supported in IFTTT, you could use that and set up webhooks between IFTTT and Olisto to notify Olisto when the device is switched. Several examples of people setting up something like that with IFTTT (for other types of products) can be found on the forum.

BTW, @KoenH, can you explain what you mean by your distinction between ‘on AND off’ vs ‘on OR off’? If you want something to happen when you turn the device either on OR off (so just whenever you rock it) you could make 2 triggs; one that activates when the device is turned on, another when the devices is turned off.
If you don’t want to be repeating your actions between those two triggs you could use Olisto Connect with a 3rd trigg; Make both of those On/Off triggs activate the same Olisto Connector, and make a 3rd trigg that is activated by the connector and executes whatever you want to have in your scene.