Use Garmin smartwatch to activate triggs

Not sure if this has been requested, but have you been in contact with Garmin to make Olisto available as a Widget or App on the Garmin Smart Watches?

I own a Garmin fenix 5X plus. It would be great if I can use triggs while on my bike. My phone is not easily accessable while riding and it would not be safe at high speeds anyway, so this would be a great solution.

Unfortunately I’m not technical enough to build such a widget or app myself. So IFTTT (which can be used through the fenix watch) is also no good for me (to technically demanding). I’m just a simpel user of smart solutions, not a programmer.

Thank you very much.


Hi Harald,

Right now we do not yet have an app for the Garmin smartwatches. Only recently we introduced them for Apple and Fitbit. Next in line for us would first be Samsung and after that possibly Garmin. However every app requires mostly building it from scratch (sadly) and therefore extensive extra work.

Right now it doesn’t have our priority, but if more people have the same feature request, I’m sure that can change :slight_smile: