Triggs activation based on other triggs activation

What kind of functionality are you thinking of (delete what is not applicable): App functionality

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home? No

What functionality would you like to propose:

I really like the fact that Olisto keeps track when a Trigg was activated/fired.
Now, with this info it would be cool/efficient to have another Trigg only ‘fire’ based on the activation of another Trigg within a time frame.
I have Triggs to pull up all sunblinds.(At night or at times the blinds are not needed anymore because sun is around the house)
These triggs just fire every day. Even if the blinds were not down at all. No problem, but not needed.
Other triggs bring the blinds down based on all kinds of conditions, that do not fire every day.
It would be efficient to have the Trigg for bringing up only fire if the trigg('s) for bringing down were fired that day.(=Time frame).

This is just 1 example.