Triggi Roadmap available

Would be nice if you could share the roadmap.
This will give insight into what is planned in the future for Triggi

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I agree, I would like to add it as my wish too.
I hope to see Woonveilig as a channel in the future.


I understand the wish for a roadmap. We do have some new channels and new features planned but when we build it and publish it is also dependent on factors beyond our control to make a reliable roadmap. So with a published roadmap we would make promises we couldn’t keep, which would damage your trust in us. But asking for specific channels doesn’t hurt. Like Woonveilig. I’ve seen a few of those boxes laying around in our office and have heard some alarms going off every once in a while. “As a test” the engineers said…

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Okay Frank, I’ll wait and see what’s coming up.
Regards Theo.