Timer works only once

I am experimenting with the Timer, both to introduce delay and as a possible way of connecting one Trigg to another.

I made a button that starts a trigg that creates and starts a timer. The timer successfully activates another trigg, which performs its action. But when I press the button again, nothing happens. The history shows that the timer was started again with the same name. But the trigg that is supposed to be activated on timeout doesn’t run. If I change the name of the timer, it works again.

From this it appears that a timer can only trigger once with the same name??

Also it appears that there is a minimum time for timers. 10 seconds is accepted, 1 second produces the error message “Invalid value for timeout”. Is the allowed range of values documented anywhere?

What is the condition for your trigg that reacts to the timer expiring? Triggs only run when one of the conditions has changed. Therefore to achieve what you want your trigg must include the ‘timer expires’ condition; if you use only the timer name (ID) then nothing will change when the same timer expires multiple times (unless a timer with a different name expires in the mean time) so it doesn’t trigger any triggs.
There is indeed a minimum timeout of 10 seconds and there is no explicit documentation for this.


Thank you! That was what I missed - I have to specify both “Timer expired” and “Name of timer” as two separate conditions. I wonder why it worked the first time?

Am I missing some other recommended way to connect two triggs? With Stringify one of the features I liked most was that I could create a common routine invoked by different triggers (for example Google Assistant, or Alexa, or a detector). Not by specifying multiple triggers like Trigger1 OR Trigger2 OR Trigger3 => CommonAction, but by each trigger in turn invoking the common action, like Trigger1 => CommonAction, Trigger2 => CommonAction, Trigger3 => CommonAction (where CommonAction has several actions that I want to keep in one place instead of entering separately for each trigg).

I don’t see any explicit way to do this Olisto. I have experimented with Channels and Connect, and they are great for linking actions by http request with other services like IFTTT. But they don’t seem to be designed for linking two triggs within Olisto.

That is correct, we don’t have an ‘out of the box’ method to ‘interconnect’ Triggs unfortunately. But there seems to be some interest for this, so hopefully we can get it on the roadmap :slight_smile:
In the mean time you could use Olisto Connect to link Triggs. Create a connector using https://olisto.com/connect, activate it from the actions of any Trigg you like and use it as a condition for the Triggs you’d like to be activated in response. It takes a few more steps but it should work.

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BTW, it probably worked the first time because then the ‘name of timer’ changed from empty to the name of your timer. So then the condition actually changed from false to true.