Time and Day — 'Time is between'

App version: no idea
Phone OS: Android
Problem description:

I am trying to understand the ‘between’ in — When — Add — Time and Day — Time is between.

° I first thought it would activate something (in my case lights) by turning them on at the first time and turning them off at the second time but this is not so.

° I then though it was a ‘random timer’ and would activate something at sometime between the two times but it does not do that either.

So can someone explain to me what this When function Time is between is for?

Thanks in advance.

‘Time between’ is not a ‘trigger,’ but a ‘condition’.
Say, you like the lights being switched on when you enter the house. But of course not in broad daylight, but only in the night hours
Then you use the ‘Time between’ as an extra condition.

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Thank you rikvado.