Temperature scale issue

App version: 2.32.1
Phone OS: Android 12
Problem description:
Hello everyone, and happy new year!

I am using a Sonoff temperature and humidity sensor (snzb-02), with the Ewelink channel, to trigger an action in a Tuya channel. Everything works like a charm, except the fact that I can only select the trigger temperature on half degree scale (for example 22C, 22,5C, 23C, 23,5C and so on…). And since the sensors report on a decimal scale (22,0C, 22,1C, 22,2C, 22,3C etc.) I would love to have more precision on the temperature that triggers my actions…
Could this issue be resolved in order to have more control and precision on temperature trigger and to be able to select the temperature in steps of 0.1 degrees instead of 0,5 degrees steps? Thank you in advance and I wish you all a good day and an even better new year!