Switching of Hue ZONE

What kind of functionality are you thinking of:

Extra action to existing Hue channel

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?

Not sure

What functionality would you like to propose:

Switching of Hue devices, scenes and groups is possible, but choosing to switch a ZONE also would be nice.
If this is implemented, then via a zone in the Hue app, devices across rooms can be switched at once.

Hi, this should indeed be a simple addition! I’ll see (and mostly discuss) if we can implement this quickly. I’ll get back to you ASAP

Hi Remy, Thanks for the awful quick reply and effort. Great product, Olisto !!

Hi Djurre,

I just released the fix that enables the support of zones. They are under Hue Groups just like rooms. Note that just like rooms, you will not see them on the channel screen but only see them when making a trigg.

If you do not see them, please log out and log back into the Olisto app. This will force a refresh of the devices associated with your Philips account.

If there are any problems, don’t hesitate to message here, but for now, I will consider this matter solved and the post will auto-close.

Good luck with your triggs!

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Quick reply and action from your side. I have implemented it in my trigs and will test tomorrow during daylight. This makes Hue even more compatible supported. Thanks again.

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Hi Remy,
Thanks for adding the zones. Works fine with me!:+1::+1::+1:

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