Switch when within 10 meter

Exciting times, now that smart homes are becoming a real thing :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone knows if there is a way to trigger an event being close to my office?

A motion detector would not work, everyone would trigger lights etc. I think bluetooth would be a great option for this, but cannot find anything that supports this. Also I have no idea how that would work with security.

I know Somfy have fob keys with their alarm system. Something like that would be great.


Hey Joris

Great ideas. Are you an iOS or Android user? Android has a WiFi channel you can use as a condition. When you connect to a specific WiFi network, execute the actions. iOS doesn’t have that option unfortunately…

Is there a specific reason not to use the location channel in your case?

@Daniel, the location channel has a radius of 190m. My garden is not that big :slight_smile:

@Frank, thank you for that option. I’m on iOs, so that wouldn’t work.

Obviously it’s not a huge thing, but Triggi is a lot of fun. So having something that would activate things as soon as I walk to my office would be great :slight_smile:

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Found a bit of a workaround.

I have a Somfy alarm system, which has a fob on my keyring. With that I trigger ifttt, and use that to call Triggi connect, which allows me to control Kaku switches etc.

Maybe a bit silly, but once setup it works great actually :slight_smile: