Spotify playlist

What functionality would you like to propose:
when using starting or playing playlist in Spotify it always starts with top op the list
would like it to resume where I stopped or be able to have it start as a standard with shuffle mode

Hi @reinaerts,

Thank you for your suggestion! To resume where you stopped, you would need to make another trigg. In your actions go to Spotify > Device > Playback > Play/resume.

If you want to continue with the playlist trigg, you can also set offset (which indicates which position the playing should start at, 0 being the top of the playlist, 1 being the second song and so on). That, however, still keeps the original order.

I think we could add a functionality to the playlist actions to play it in shuffle mode. That’s a nice suggestion. I will look into it and get back to you :slight_smile:

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have other suggestions or questions!


@reinaerts, Option to play playlists in shuffle is available as of today!


thanks. shuffle would be great. other options you suggested would still mean starting at the same place every time. play/resume. only works if you pauze list first… so stil does not shuffle. can I have it autmotaccaly search for next track maybe?

Nice. I will give it a try later. today

works nice so far but have not checked all options yet

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everything so far works fine. would it also be possible to provide multiselect. I can now choose any playlist in my Spotify and shuffle but if I would like to mix some playlist I need to do that in Spotify… multiselect in your app would make it so much easier

Unfortunately that is not possible, since Spotify can not play/shuffle more than one playlist at a time.

Ah. A shame. But thanks for checking