Spotify offset value

aangezien ik er niet uitkom hoe ik een nieuw onderwerp start maar een reactie op deze. als ik voor spotify een trig wil maken en vraag om speel mijn playlist staat er
bij de trig: " offset" ik kan daar alleen cijfers invullen. geen idee wat ik hier moet en waar ik dan de juiste cijfers vind. graag hulp bij deze.

Hi reinaerts,

I’ll reply in English, I hope that’s ok :slight_smile:
Offset means which song on the playlist you would like to start with. Offset 0 means you will start at the beginning of the playlist, offset 1 means it will start at the second song, and so on. I believe that’s an optional field so if you leave it empty, it should default to 0 on its own and then you start at the beginning of the playlist. I hope that clarifies it!

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English or Dutch whichever you prefer…I can only fill in numbers here. But it will not accept them. Keeps on saying I did not fill all requirements or do I always have to identify a playlist first as I understand from your answer offset does not allow me to use this to select the second playlist in. Mij Spotify

Can you share some screenshots where we can see what the problem is?

shared in my question above… okay?

hi.put foto’s in above thread last week

Hi @reinaerts, thanks for the screenshots.
I’ve looked into your case. The ‘Play playlist’ is used to start playing a playlist you have stored in your Spotify account. Unfortunately it only works for playlists you’ve created yourself (and it seems not even all of them), not playlists your following.
The screen is supposed to show a list of all your playlists at the top. As far as Spotify tells us, there are no playlists in your account. Which is why the list is empty, and unfortunately the way the app works right now it means that in your case nothing is shown at the top.
I understand this is confusing and the next release of the app will at least have an indication when there are no options available to choose from. Also I’ve changed the label for the ‘offset’ input field to be a bit more human-friendly, you should be able to see that in the app already.

To start playing any playlist you have in your account, use the Spotify app to ‘share’ the playlist, then select ‘Copy link’. In Olisto use the ‘Play from link’ option and paste in the link you’ve copied.

Nice work so far. indeed changing offset to more customer orientated version is good. and thanks for the effort. it is what it is and I will manage. Will have a look at my playlist as I do have some but in folders so I will play around a bit in this and use the link option. was hoping to be able to use the old offset for a shuffling experiment. at least. I now have a bit more understanding

Hi, I’ve had another look. There were a few additional permissions to request from Spotify and I think you will now be able to see all of your playlists. It will require you to disconnect- and reconnect the channel though.

showing a lot. but not all. Will have to take time later today to check on what is what. but thanks. there is a difference already

not quite sure if this is where it should show though

You should also see the list when you try to create a ‘play playlist’ action as you tried before in your screenshots.

thanks. seeing it

Als. Can i trigger an olisto trigg with a previous trigg?

Not directly, but using Olisto Connect as an intermediate step you can.

need to be able to write code then? Will have a look. thanks