Sonos play mp3 file from url

According to Sonos, if you tell it to play a stream from a url that points to an mp3 file, it will play that mp3 file and keep on playing it in a loop until paused. I tested that with IFTTT, and it worked. So I created a trigg to do that with Olisto, and it doesn’t work. Instead it reports that there is a problem with the Sonos interface.

I can get Olisto to tell my Sonos to play a Favorite from my Favorites list, so it is connecting to my Sonos speaker correctly. It just doesn’t seem to like something about the “play stream from url”. The only two parameters are the url, which points to the mp3 file, and the stream name, which as far as I know can be anything you want. That works fine with IFTTT, as stated by Sonos.

So there appears to be a bug with Olisto, or else some sort of unnecessary hidden rules not required by Sonos?

Dear Doug,

This has indeed worked in the past exactly as you described. I will look into this soon and keep you posted.

Kind regards,
Remy Kabel

Hi Doug,

I have checked this, and for a simple mp3 file this works. Could you check if your trigg works with the following stream url:

It should play some simple static. Once you have tried this, could you get back to me with the results, and possibly your stream url (you can send it to me privately if you prefer this)

I tried your mp3 file, and the result for me was the same: doesn’t work with Olisto, does work with IFTTT.

My trigg couldn’t be much simpler. Button push triggers action Sonos Play Stream, with the url and a stream name. I used your url exactly as written, and I used the suggested sample stream name Radio 1 just to be sure it didn’t make any difference. Result: “There seems to be a problem with the Sonos interface”.

So if the specific mp3 file and url doesn’t matter, and it works for you but not for me, then by process of elimination the next most likely thing is that there is some kind of difference in the setup of my Sonos account. I’m not aware of anything that could affect this, and as I noted, both my url and yours work with IFTTT playing to the same Sonos.

This is what the IFTTT action that works looks like:

Play Stream
This action will stream audio, such as a radio station, from a URL.

What do you want to play?

Where do you want to play?
(name of Sonos speaker)

What name do you want to show for this stream? (optional)
Another day!

What image do you want to show for this stream? (optional)

Include grouped rooms?
This room only
(selection from drop-down list)

The only thing really extra with IFTTT is that the particular speaker (Bedroom) can be named, but this is the same as the default speaker selected in my Olisto Sonos channel.

I tried deleting my Olisto Sonos channel, reconnecting and re-authorizing Sonos, and then fixing the affected trigg. No good, same error.

If it helps, I have a single Sonos One (just in case that’s different from what you’re testing somehow).

Any ideas?

Hi Doug,

Thank you for checking so thoroughly. I will check if there is specifically something strange about your system within Olisto, or whether something goes wrong on our end. I’ll try and resolve it as quickly as possible and keep you posted about the progress in this thread.

Hi Doug,

I was able to reproduce a problem akin to yours and have implemented the solution in our system. This should be live as of now. It would be great if you could check once again if your triggs work. If I was correct, you will not have to remake your triggs. If it doesn’t work, I have added more logging so I can check better where your problem might be.

Let me know!

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The mp3 file now plays correctly with no error message from the unchanged trigg.

Thanks you.

Perfect! Glad to be of service!