Sonos Favorites

Some issues with Sonos Favorites:

I recently had to switch back to the older version 13.0.1 of the Olisto app on Android 7 because the current version won’t run. In that older version ]when I select Sonos - Play Favorite as a new action in a Trigg, the action is always listed as “Play null” when it returns to the Trigg editing page, even though it has selected the correct Favorite and retains that selection. Older existing Triggs are not affected, and the current version of the app on Android 11 show the correct Favorite name in the new Trigg while the older version of the app continues to show “null”.

When a Trigg activates a Favorite Sonos playlist, it does not switch playlist to the correct one. It only resumes the previous playlist. You have to switch the Sonos speaker to playing something else like a radio station, then try the playlist again and it will activate the correct one. This may be a Sonos api bug.

A new playlist played with Play Favorite does not replace the previous playlist, it adds to it. Again I think this is actually a Sonos api bug (or an unintended “feature” as I’m sure Sonos would call it). In any case, Olisto does not have a function to clear the Sonos queue, so it will only grow and grow. To solve this I have to ask IFTTT to clear my Sonos queue once per day at 4am.

Sonos has made their support for Favorites is a little confused. Favorites still work in the api, and you can view and create them in the desktop app, but in the mobile app Favorites no longer exist and have been merged into My Sonos. Sonos seems to be trying to deprecate Favorites. It’s still useful to have Favorites in the Olisto support for Sonos, but Favorites is not equal to My Sonos, and Olisto does not have any functions to select a Sonos playlist directly other than designating it as a Favorite in the desktop Sonos app.