Sonos channel lost connection

App version: 2.28.1 and 2.27.2
Phone OS: Android and iOS
Problem description:
Sonos channel lost connection
Can’t reconnect the Sonos channel.
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Ik ben dus niet de enigste die hier last van heeft.

We’ll have a look

Seems to work again.

It did, but not stable.

Is de oorzaak gevonden?

At the moment it is not working on my side.

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Bij mij werkt de SONOS kanaal niet meer sinds de update van SONOS S2 naar 13.1 (build 63288230)
Kontact gehad met SONOS 0800-555-1234. Zij ondersteunen de koppeling met Olisto niet.

Update: the connection with the Sonos channel is still broken. In the short time the channel was working (the day before yesterday) I created a trigger (play a song at a given time) This trigger is still working, dispite of the -!- indicated on the trigger.

We’ve addressed a reconnection issue and an issue with false negatives about channel health, and are able to use actions in tests on our own device. If you are still having trouble, please try to reauth or disconnect and reconnect the channel and re-create triggs that are not working. Do let us know if there are still issues after that.

I changed nothing. There where the channel was disconnected this morning is it connected now. There where the ! indicator was on the triggers where dr Sonos channel was used, is it gone now. It looks like solved. Thanks for your support on this issue.

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