Some variables options at Olisto actions

App version: 2.32.1
Phone OS: iOS 15.5
**Problem description: When I am adding a line in a google sheets spreadsheet, via Olisto, some variables options have not appeared in sonoff channel, they are:
Battery level - zigbee button (id a440009465)
Status on/off - dual R3 (id 100133b8dd and 100133b9a1)

If I understand correctly, you are using these variable in your ‘add line to Google sheet’ action but the values stay empty in you sheet? Do you do the same thing with other (Sonoff) devices, and does it work there?

Yes, I am adding lines to google sheet. It is working properly, but some devices doesn´t appear on the variables list, like sonoff dual R3. I have two of this and it´s not listed. I have a sonoff zigbee button too and it´s only listed if the button is on/off, the battery level is not showed like the others zigbee sensors.

So the issue is that the variable can not be chosen for these devices then?

yes, I cannot choose the variables