Soccer channel still not working

App version: __________
**Phone android
Samsung galaxy. Soccer selection hangs when selecting a team.
Either remove this channel or fix the issue.

Op de iPhone werkt dit voetbal kanaal al jaren prima.
Dus niks verwijderen lijkt mij!!

I don’t see any issues on Android (Samsung). Maybe there was a temporary problem with the server or you were on a slow network connection? Since the app will try to retrieve the list of all teams at that moment, that might have caused a hick-up.

I have been trying this for weeks now.
Definitely not a temporary error.
Which setting may cause this ?

I am not aware of any settings that may cause this… Have you tried clearing the app data?

Removed the data , cleared the cache. Removed the app. Deleted the channel. It doesn’t help at all.

Is anybody willing to test this ?

Nobody wants to investigate this , strange
That does not look good for the app

Can you share a screenshot of when it hangs?
Is there anything filled in filter box on top?

Ok hier de volgorde


Bedankt voor de screenshots, dat geeft wat meer duidelijkheid. Ik heb een bug gevonden waardoor het in dit geval niet goed ging. Het zou nu wel goed moeten gaan. Excuus voor het ongemak.

Ik heb het idee dat het nu werkt