Smart Life issue

App version: latest
Phone OS: Mi Xiaomi
Problem description:

After deleting and discovering again my smart devices in smart life app, olisto does not find and import any of my smart life devices even if i delete and add again the tuya channel.
The devices before deletion from smart life was successfuly imported in olisto.

Am i missing something?


Are you sure you selected the correct brand and region when reconnecting the channel, and are you sure you used the same email AND password? In Tuya / Smart life it is possible to have multiple accounts with the same email but different passwords, each with their own collection of connected devices. So if you enter password A you get account A, if you enter password B you get account B. This easily happens accidentally and can be very confusing.

I choose Smart life as olisto option and i am sure i am connecting to the correct smartlife aƧcount. I did it so many times i even changed passwords and made new account. Still no devices are imported from smart life channel.

I found an issue with the channel failing to properly discover devices when only 1 device was connected, which seems to be the case for your account. The issue is fixed now and you should be able to use your device again. Thanks for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you so much!!!
There is also a siren device in my smart life account with id 00080602f4cfa25d7dc6
Is it possible to be imported also in olisto?

The siren is unfortunately not exposed by the api, meaning we can not control it.