Short expiry of Netamo authentication

App version: 2.28.1________
Phone OS: Android 11____
Problem description:

Using Netatmo channel without problem for a number of weeks. In the last two days, the authentication fails, message says login has expired. I can fix by re-connecting the channel and restarting the app but after a couple of hours the authentication fails again.
I think the netatmo servers are OK because the alexa app link is still working.

Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it.

Same problem here, since yesterday, I believe

I now think it’s possible it’s the netamo server that is at fault, using ifttt I also found that netatmo authentication was failing. Hopefully netatmo will fix it

Thanks for letting us know! I will check up anyway just to make sure.

There was indeed an issue on our side, which is fixed now. Let me know if it works normally again!

Was this issue also for the Google Calendar bug ?

That was indeed also affected, and should be fixed now.
The following channels were affected:
Googles sheets
Google calendar
Google drive
Home connect
All of them should be working normally again now

Looks Google is working ok now

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Although the error are gone, the readed information from Google calendar is not recognized.
So troubles are not over. Lease check

This is looks like the result of disconnecting- and reconnecting the channel, because when doing that the calendars get different identifiers and the ones in your trigg are no longer recognized. To fix it just edit those conditions and select the correct calendars again.
Nice trigg btw!

The calendar shows oke. However when re-selectief the events in the trig an the pressing the Use this trig, the error still appears. So still the error.

The trigg from your screenshot seems to be fine now as far as I can see… So directly after you changed it the error was still visible? Perhaps the app does not properly update the error then. If you have any other tirggs with the same problem, could you try the same procedure, then force-close and re-start the app and see if the error is still there?

It looks now indeed an error update message on the App. Restarting the app looks like solved it for now. I will keep an eye on it

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The olisto channel problem appears to be sorted, thank you for fixing so promptly.

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