Scénario Somfy tahoma

What kind of functionality are you thinking of:

A new channel: ______
[ x] More conditions or actions for an existing channel: tahoma scenarii___
App features

Please add the correct tags [app-improvement, missing-channel, more-conditions or more-conditions] for the type of feature, and (if applicable) the related, existing channel.

This functionality has not been asked before:

[ x] I have searched the forum and I can’t find a similar topic. (If you did, vote for that topic instead of making a new one)

Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?

This gives us an indication whether or not there is an API available. Wanna be the MVP, send us a direct link to their API documentation.

[X ] Yes, IFTTT
Yes, Alexa
[ x] Yes, Google Home
Yes, another: _____
No, not relevant
No, not available

What functionality would you like to propose:

Write a short description of the feature, or name the brand you would like to see connected. Feel free to add any screenshots or photos
To launch à scénario

It is on our roadmap to implement this. I can however not give you a detailed planning yet.