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Is the functionality already available at a service like IFTTT, Alexa or Google Home?

This gives us an indication whether or not there is an API available. Wanna be the MVP, send us a direct link to their API documentation.

[X ] Yes, IFTTT
Yes, Alexa
[ x] Yes, Google Home
Yes, another: _____
No, not relevant
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It is on our roadmap to implement this. I can however not give you a detailed planning yet.

Any news on the Tahoma SCENARIOS? Or that it will be possible to lower your screens just 20% and not only OPEN and CLOSE.

IFTTT is only having SCENARIO’s, but that is better then what we have now in OLISTO. Because then you can first create a few scenario’s you can use in the triggers.

The best thing would be that you good just tell OLISTO to set it to any percentage per device you like. And that there is also a WHEN option. You that you can als that if your screens are at 70%, that the lights go off.

Yes, i confirm, personally it’s the first thing I wanted to do.
It will be possible to lower your screens just 20% and not only OPEN and CLOSE.

And active Tahoma scenarios will be perfect.

I think many users use Somfy and would like this feature !

I have Somfy Connexoon with 2 vertical screens and 1 horizontal sunscreen. They all work with IO but the problem is that I don’t see the horizontal sunscreen in my trigs.
Percentage closure would also be appreciated.

For the moment the only workable solution is the use of an OPENHAB server at home. This server is using the old API of Somfy. And that API can show ALL devices. From Openhab there is no direct connection yet with OLISTO, but you can use OLISTO CONNECT to sent an URL to trigger your OPENHAB server.