Release v1.2.1 - The Sun is Shining edition!

We just released a new version of the app! Download in an appstore near you and check the blogpost about the new sunset/sunrise possibilities

The Sun Is Shining Edition

Releasedate: Aug 23, 2017 Version: 1.2.1


  • New supported camera: Netatmo Presence
  • Extra condition on Netatmo Welcome: person detected
  • Improved sunset/sunrise page.
  • New condition: daytime/nighttime (this is a period, opposed to sunset/rise, which is a moment in time)
  • Improved Triggi Widget for iPhone and iPad: possibility to add up to 18 Now buttons and easier to see that a button has been pressed (added animation)
  • New Variable selection screen


  • Netatmo Presence. We already had the support for the Netatmo thermostat, weather station and indoor camera. We are very pleased we now also support the outdoor camera, Netatmo Presence. If you own one and have it connected to your Netatmo account, it should popup in the channel overview.
  • Sunset/Sunrise. This is one of our most popular channels, the ability to execute triggs based on the sunrise and sunset at your location. But at the same time it was confusing how it exactly worked and what the possibilities were. So we made a complete overhaul of this condition. We now have the default sunset and sunrise possibility which also give you the timeframe when the condition is active. But we also added a new possibility...
  • Daytime/Nighttime. This is a new possibility as a condition. Instead of a period of time, you can also choose the exact moment.
  • When you select a variable in any textarea, you will see a new selection screen. No longer do you have to scroll untill your thumb is sore, just click and choose!
  • We improved our Netatmo Welcome channel with the possibility to detect specific persons you have defined in the Netatmo app itself
  • The Triggi widget on your smartphone Todaypage showed just a selection of your buttons. We upgraded and remodelled the place. You can now add up to 18 buttons. And still have room for other widgets!

It was Grace Hopper who found a moth between the relays on the Harvard Mark II computer she was working on way back in 1945. To this day we find our own software bugs and we fix them. Numerous to mention, but we hope it improves your use of Triggi!

If you enjoy the app, we always appreciate a rating and a nice review in the appstore, it really helps us.