Release V1.1.3363 - The Share Your Stuff Edition

Today we released a new version of the app. One of the highlights is the possibility to share triggs. Check out the releasenotes below or and try out the new possibilities! Read our blogpost on the shared triggs as well!


== TL;DR ==

  • Today we release shared triggs, the possibility to share your triggs with anyone through any channel. And you can use someone else’s triggs as well!
  • A new channel: Fitbit. Get your running and walking data and make your own logs.
  • Change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. And back. Sorry Kelvin.
  • The ubiquitous minor tweaks, bug fixes and typos that slipped through the cracks

###== NEW ==

  • Share your triggs. Want to show off your cool triggs with others? Well now you can in an easy way. :gift: Share your trigg through the upper right menu and choose your own way to share it. E-mail, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, any app that supports sharing on your phone, you’re good to go. Each shared trigg gets its own URL so you can re-use it whenever you want. See all the details on for demo’s and inspiration. If you have a cool trigg to share, let us know on the forum or on our social channels.
  • Fitbit. Get the data from your activity tracker and make your own triggs with it. You can get anything from your daily steps to sleep duration and your daily goals. :running_man:The data is not real time so triggs will be executed when the data in your Fitbit app is updated.

###== IMPROVED ==

  • In the settings of the app you can now set the temperature default in Fahrenheit instead of just Celsius. Hi :wave: to our US friends who can now use Triggi to it’s full potential as well! Go to More > Profile and settings > settings to set your default. :thermometer:

  • New screens. We’re trying some new screens to save and delete parts of your trigg. They are now full screen instead of a popup window. Let’s see how this works, let us know! :iphone:

###== FIXED ==

  • Every now and again there was the chance you would click on a channel and get the details of another channel. It wasn’t a magic trick to let you see new channels. It was a bug and we fixed it.

  • In the Create Account screen there was a nasty little bugger that wouldn’t let all passwords through. We found him, had a good talk with it and he promises to never do it again. All passwords are accepted now. Just make sure it’s long enough and hard to break.

  • In the Netatmo channel you can now choose multiple indoor units for your trigg.

That’s it! Another great release from the Triggi team in lovely Amsterdam. If you enjoy the app, we always appreciate a rating and a nice review in the appstore. Thanks and have a great day. :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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Hi Frank or colleague, it’s a bit late to respond to release notes of 2017, but I noticed the following quote: ‘In the Netatmo channel you can now choose multiple indoor units for your trigg’
I recently bought a Netatmo Weather Station with 1 indoor plus 1 outdoor unit. I was very disappointed to find that Olisto only makes the outdoor unit values available… the software seems to have regressed instead of progressed, since 2017! Are you going to fix this issue?