Push notifications late

I have quite a delay in receiving push notifications from all my triggers, sometimes 45 minutes or more. I confirmed the problem by creating a new simple trigg with an Olisto Now test button sending a push notification when pressed.
I went through all the check points I could think of to try to fix the problem: notification settings are all on high priority, battery management is on “don’t optimize”, data usage is “unrestricted”, I cleared data and cache and rebooted the app. Nothing helped…
With the use of sensors, this is not what I want, because I want these signals immediately.
My device is a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F) with Android 9 and Olisto version 2.30.2

Can someone help me with this?



Very interesting, could you send me a pm with a moment you are available to look at it together? I’d like to see if it is a problem on our side or on the side of Google to try and help you further