Plug does not turn off when deactivating trigger

App version: 2.32.1
Phone OS: Android 11
Problem description:
Hello. First time poster here.
I have created a simple trigger: When temperature < X Then turn on plug.
The plug turns on fine except it does not turn off when I deactivate the trigger on the main My triggs page (slider left).
Is there a way for the plug to turn off (if it is on) when I deactivate the trigger without me having to go into another app to do it manually?
Thank you


The slider just disables the trigg (rule); it does not tun off (or control in any way) the devices controlled by the trigg.
You can set up a second trigg to turn the smart plug off, for example after some time using the Timers channel, when the temperature goes above a certain value or when you activate a Now-button.