Phone entering or leaving an area

I want my Hue lights to activate when I enter my home area, but I’m confused because the only location option I can choose says ‘when any phone has entered or left home’. Well I only want to choose hue lights to activate when I enter, not leave? And then turn off when I leave. It’s good that I can set the condition that it only happens at nighttime, but I’m unsure/confused.

Please can anyone clarify? Am I being stupid?

Thanks in advance.

You don’t get the ‘someone/everyone/nobody is at location’ options as shown here?

Hi Daniel. Thanks for replying. Yes, I do get those options.
Please can you help me? I’m new to this.

Would this work? I live by myself so there is only my phone.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Kate

I Think this Will work!

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This should work, but because of the first condition it will only trigger when you actually enter the house. So it will not activate the lights when it becomes dark while you’re at home already. If you’d want that you’d have to remove the first condition.

Thank you for helping me understand. Yes, that’s what I want. I have separate Triggs for when I’m at home and it starts going dark.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Hi @kateh56, unfortunately there was a problem with the ‘any phone has entered or left’ condition that probably caused your Trigg not to work. It should be resolved now.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Ill let you know if it doesn’t work still. But fingers crossed.

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