Philips Hue - trigger event with motion sensor?

Is it possible to enable a feature to make an event trigger with the Hue Motion Sensor?

My use case would be this:

I have a Hue Motion Sensor in the room just inside my front door and it turns on my lights in that particular room just fine.

But would it be possible to enable Triggi to send me a push message whenever the lights turn on within a certain time frame??

I know it’s kinda like a surveillance camera, but without images…

Thank you!

Heel goed en Trigg bouwen op basis van deze sensor zou mij erg goed uitkomen.
Wil via deze conditie een andere slimme stekker schakelen.

Will this addition/change of Hue make it possible??

Looks very promising imho.

Helaas nog niet voor de Slimme stekker via Toon.

Knowing that motion sensor hue also make temperature sensor would it possible the data to perform scenarios with other compatible accessories.
thank you,

This would be very cool, i have two hue motion sensors in my home, because they are kind of multisensors (motion, Temperature, light), which i used with ifttt a long time, but they now have a paywall at ifttt, which is why i came to olisto, but i can’t use the sensors there