OR function Button?

As far as i can tell, the button in a trigg has an AND(x) function.
For example, i want to use it to retract a sunscreen.
Now it only works at all if i press the button after the sunset para=1.
sunscreen in (1)= sunset(1) AND button(1)

But can it be used as an OR(+) function?
sunscreen in (1)= sunset(1) OR button(1)

Of course i can easily make a separate trigg using only the button.
But the triggs list would be far less cluttered if the button could be combined with an existing trigg.


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Hi @jeroenr77

Right now we don’t support OR booleans in the conditions. Yet. It is a highly requested feature and we are looking at ways to make this happen in such a way you don’t have to be a programmer to understand and use it :wink:
Keep an eye out for future updates!

Frank Meeuwsen

It’s not even a real problem. For an or-function you could use an extra trigg… For a clear view it would be nice indeed…

It sure is. But for now we will focus on the AND rule in triggs. It keeps stuff for now clear and simple. Maybe, in the future we will add more possibilities. We already have this on our backlog. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

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