Olisto / Ewelink switch help

App version: 2.32.1
**Phone android 12
Problem description:

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help. I’m having issues automating a ewelink switch. The switch is connected to an old boiler which supplies hot water and heating.
I’ve had the switch a year or two and it works fine via ewelink app Google and alexa.
What I’d love is for the switch to be activated from a Google calendar event… My wife works odd shift patterns.
I’ve purchased macdroid and tasker to try and achieve this but sadly didn’t have any luck. I then stumbled upon olisto and after a steep learning curve of triggs and timers, I eventually got what I wanted.
Everything worked great for a number of weeks until about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. When the switch worked intermittently for a while then nothing.
I read about some triggs not saving, so I’ve re done and saved, the Switch worked yesterday but not today. Also, under activity, olisto states “never” (Been activated)… This changes on occasions to show when last used. Even when it shows never it still displays the history.
Now the switch sometimes turns on with olisto but the timers don’t work and doesn’t switch off. I can’t even get the inching to work in ewelink app.
I’d really appreciate if someone could offer any help.
I only have 2 device’s on ewelink and I am not subscribed (free account). The device id 100108bc85
Thanks in advance.