Olisto connect to IFTTT unreliable since a few days

Hi, since 5 days I have a problem with one of my triggs.

At sunrise minus 30 minutes (so app. 5AM) it turns off my outdoor light connected to a tp-link switch.
My trigg sends an Olisto connect webhook to IFTTT, at IFTTT this is received and IFTTT sends a signal to my TP-link switch to turn off.

This trigg has worked fine for months. Five days ago it stopped working, without me changing anything. I start my phone in the morning to immediately find the Olisto notification that my trigg has run. But the IFTTT app notification that the corresponding webhook applet has run isn’t there like it used to be. The light is still on every morning.

To test, I copied the exact Olisto connect trigg to a new one, which I assigned to a button in Olisto. When I push that button, I instantaneously receive the IFTTT notification and the light goes out.

What is preventing the same automated action early in the morning since 5 days? Is the server unplugged during the night or something?

BR, Wouter Smit

I haven’t noticed any problem with my timed triggs that run overnight and call IFTTT webhooks - but of course “night” occurs at a different time depending on where you live.

Did you check the IFTTT Activity log (https://ifttt.com/activity)? It shows whether an applet was activated, and whether it ran successfully or failed with an error code. I’ve found it to be a pretty reliable tool for diagnosing IFTTT issues. If you open up the applet on IFTTT, you can hit the Check Now button to trigger it and make sure it’s working.

On the Olisto end you can add a Now button to activate your trigg and see if it runs and whether there was any error result. If it ran with no error, but your IFTTT webhook was not activated, then try changing the url to a different site that also indicates when it was called (many options - for example Switchur).

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Hi DPAmes, thank you so much for helping out!

Your link to the IFTTT activity log hit the nail on the head. It turns out IFTTT did receive the webhook, but couldn’t contact the TP-link switch. I found the cause, quickly. It turned out that sunrise minus 30 minutes comes down to a time before 5AM, at what time my Wi-Fi is still turned off automatically, making my TP-link switch unreachable. Easily fixable.

Apparently I made a false assumption that IFTTT, notifying me when this applet runs, would also notify me if it wouldn’t be able to run. So I assumed the problem was between Olisto and IFTTT, not between IFTTT and TP-link.

Thanks again! BTW, I’m in the Netherlands.