Olisto Connect Documentation

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed quite some dead links on the website and I’m unable to find any documentation on Olisto Connect. Where can I find this?


Hi Gerben

Where did you find the dead links? The documentation for Olisto Connect is all on the site itself. Are you looking for anything specific?

Hi Frank,


  • https:// olisto .com/connect/ > Link short example project. This redirects back to the /connect page.
  • https:// olisto .com/faq/ > Searching returns a 403 error.
  • Google result for Connect Documentation returns https:// olisto .com/en/documentation/ which appears to be a dead end.
    • As do several other Google results.

As for the documentation I’m searching for actual information on the API. I’ve noticed some loose posts which - to me - don’t add up to an actual API reference.


I will take a look at those pages. Because of a new arrangment of pages and posts, some examples might be at another place. On documentation, Connect doesn’t really have an API, it is just a connector that gives you a URL you can talk to.

If it talks, it uses a language. That’s the wanted info. :wink:
The spoken language, the grammar and the spelling, for that matter.

I’ve made a short explanation on https://olisto.com/get-started-with-olisto-connect/ that should get you started with both conditions and actions. Hope this helps!