Not seeing actions in eWeLink channel

Why does the eWeLink channel have no actions available?

Can you try after force-closing the app?

It seems the eWeLink api tells us you do not have any devices coupled. We currently support actions for various smartplugs, switches, monochrome lamps, multi-switches and rgb lamps.

Could you confirm what devices you have and that you can see them in the eWeLink app?

I have one standard Sonoff switch in my eWeLink account. It appears and operates correctly in the eWeLink app on the same phone. It also works correctly with Alexa, Google Assistant and Home Assistant through eWeLink.
Could there be a region problem with Olisto-eWeLink? eWeLink prompts for region whenever I need to login. I’m in Canada, and my Alexa/Google/HA are all at least in the same North America region to eWeLink.