Nieuwe KNOPPEN werken niet


App version: 2.35.0
Phone OS: 16.5 (iPhone 14 Pro)
**Problem description:
After creation of a KNOP and assigning an Olisto-Connect, the KNOPPEN do not activate the trig.
Also I had to restart the APP on my iPhone to activate existing KNOPPEN.
Is there an issue with the server right now maybe?

I think this may indicate something wrong with Olisto connect, rather than the buttons. I’ll have a look into Olisto connect. But could you possibly test for me if for example doing the following trigg works for you:

  • When: I press button X
  • Then: Send an email/notification

Thanks Remy for the TURBO answer.
It works and I am making a mistake I think.

So this subject van be closed and I will open an new one :wink: