New update to the Triggi app

Hey all,

Today we released an update to the Triggi app. We are now on version 1.1.3144 with two new channels:

  • Soccer: Yes, we added a soccer channel. You can now blink your lights when your favourite team scores! :soccer:
  • Google Drive: Make a picture of said blinking lights, post it on Instagram and immediately have a backup on Google Drive. Ain’t life peachy… :peach:

We also have two new features in the app

  • Triggi is now available in both German :de: and French :fr: #olala
  • We also support the possibility to execute a trigg in a given timeframe. For instance: WHEN it is between 9 and 12 AND I am at home THEN turn on the lights. :clock11:

Go ahead and download the update at an appstore near you!

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