New problem with Sonos

I have a trigg that plays a web mp3 message file to my Sonos speakers, starts a 20 second timer, then pauses playback when the timer expires (otherwise it would keep on playing in a loop forever). It has been working well for many months. But in the last 2 days the Action that pauses the playback returns “There seems to be a problem with the Sonos interface” about 80% of the time, and the mp3 playback goes on until I stop it manually. Obviously the Action that starts the playback still works!

Any idea what could be wrong? Is the problem at the Sonos end, or has something changed in the Olisto-Sonos interface that is making the Pause action unreliable?

Same over here +1

Sorry for my late reply!

Sonos changed something in the way their API works, luckily it was only a minor fix for us to adjust to. Your actions should be working again!

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Thanks, it works now… but it also shows a red error exclamation at the top of the trigg with the message “Device or service missing”. The Last Activity shows that it ran without error, and the action succeeded (paused the Sonos device). Does the Sonos Channel need to be deleted and re-linked after the change you made? If so, does that erase all the triggs using it? (I forget from last time)

This error seems to be unrelated to the change I made, the Sonos channel shouldn’t need to be deleted and relinked after the changes I made. But doing so won’t delete your Triggs anymore, however you would need to edit your Triggs with sonos conditions and actions to use the “new” set of devices after recoupling.
I’ll look into this some more to see why it’s giving you the error while it’s still working.