New channels, features and other updates

Here you can find some of the new channels, features, fixes and other updates we’ve added to the Olisto platform. New features are marked with :tada:. Bugfixes are marked with :bug:.

March 2021

February 2021

January 2021

  • :tada: Introduced Olisto Now app for Fitbit watches
  • :bug: Fixed an issue that prevented changing the App language
  • :tada: Philips Hue: Now supports zones (under Hue Groups)
  • :tada: New channel: Discord
  • :bug: Fix for new Thermosmart connections not working
  • :tada: Olisto Connect connectors can now be created from within the app (go to more -> channels -> Olisto Connect, use the + button. Come back after saving to see the generated URL and token, or check your email)
  • :tada: Spotify channel now has an option to start playing playlists, links or searched items in shuffle mode

December 2020

  • :tada: Add possibility to set headers in Olisto Connect HTTP requests
  • :bug: Fix for not all Spotify playlists being visible
  • :bug: Fix for expiring TP-link authentication
  • :bug: Fix for weather channel β€˜windy’ condition