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What does your question relate to:

Channel(s): ______
The Olisto app

Please add the correct tags [app-improvement, other or “channel-name”]

This functionality has not been asked before:

I have checked the Olisto FAQ
I have searched the forum and I can’t find a similar topic. (If you did, reply to that topic instead of making a new one)

What version of the app do you have?

You can check in the app this under ‘More --> Profile --> Settings’ 2:18:o

Which device and operating system do you have?latest

e.g. Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 9 or iPhone Xr iOS 13 ios13

Can you briefly describe what happened and what you expected to happen? Trig using chanel dos not activate

*(Add any screenshots/photos where

all buttons ar gone after log in and leave the app open for a while

Was it a one-time event or reproducible?

One-time event
Reproducible by doing: _____

What did you already try to fix the problem?

(e.g. restarting the app, reconnecting the channel, etc) yes

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