Nest koppelen lukt niet met Google inloggen gegevens

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I can not connect the Nest Channel.
The inlog data is 100% ok


Was it a one-time event or reproducible?

One-time event

As described in e-mails that Nest sent to all their users and also in their article here: it is no longer possible to use your Nest products with any works-with-Nest options, such as Olisto, once you migrate your Nest-account to a Google account. You can keep using Olisto and other 3rd party services as long as you don’t migrate, but once you do it’s gone and its not reversible. This is a decision that Google / Nest made and we or any other 3rd party integration have no control over.
So indeed, you can not connect the Nest channel using your Google login.

I have the same issue. I can’t make an nest account anymore and I have to make a Google account but when I want to log in on Google home with my Nest account he keeps asking for my google nest account and not my google. How did you solve this problem?

@Tim_Jacobsen Sadly the changes in Nest’s policies mean you will not be able to connect your Nest to Olisto :slightly_frowning_face: