Multiple Sonoff 4CHPRO in Olisto

Hi, i have 3 Sonoff 4CHPRO devices in my ewelink account, but when i connect the ewelinkaccount in the Olisto APP, only 1 device is available. And it also happens that in device that was active in the Olisto account suddenly changes to another available device from the ewelink.

Can all my sonoff devices come available in the Olisto app?

Thank you for your answer.

Kind Regards

Unfortunately, as far as we can see, the eWeLink api tells us you have only one device. Is it possible that the other two are being shared to you by other eWeLink accounts? Such shared devices are visible in the eWeLink app but not to us.
If that’s not it, could you mention the names and device ids of your devices? You can send it in a private message here or to