More trouble with Triggs, buttons, and timers

I hardly know where to start, but here goes:

I started using my Dawn simulator Trigg again today now that it’s late in the year and dark in the morning. It’s supposed to turn up the lights in a series of 4 times steps. But it didn’t work. According to the activity log, it appeared to have been triggered correctly by Google Assistant and started the first 60-second timer. But the Trigg that should have run when the timer expired did not run. I tested it again using the button Dawn to trigger it. Again it ran, and said it started the timer, but the timer-expired Trigg did not run.

I tried editing the Trigg to eliminate everything but the timer. Now error messages appeared saying that the button was missing, and the timer service was missing. Indeed I could no longer find the timer service in the list of available services. When I looked at the button list, it was empty (this also happened a couple of days ago). I exited and re-entered the Olisto app. Now the Trigg looked fine again, no error codes. But when I tried running it again, it still didn’t work, and the same errors appeared again about button missing and timer service missing when I tried to edit it.

I then killed the Olisto app from the Android app manager and restarted it. The buttons re-appeared, everything looked fine again. I tested the sequence again. Again the start Dawn function appears to run successfully, starts the timer, but nothing happens when the timer expires.

I then tried editing the timer expires condition. When I edit the Timer Expires condition, there are no options, so I click Use this Condition, and it there is an error “You are not done yet… Please make sure everything is filled in.”. Of course there is nothing to fill in. And if I delete the Timer Expires condition and try to re-create it, the Timer function is not available. I checked to make sure I still have Expert Mode enabled in my account settings, and I do.

So it looks like this is totally broken. Should I try deleting the Olisto app and starting over? I’ll leave it for the moment in case you need to investigate something.

Hi, it seems like indeed some weird things are happening. Could you include some screenshots, mostly of what’s in your triggs exactly?
The most common reason for triggs with timers not working correctly is that they don’t include the ‘timer expires’ condition, only the ‘ID of expired timer’. If the trigg should run every time the timer expires, it must include the ‘timer expires’ condition.
The things disappearing from your app is quite weird. It could be due to a flaky network connection, but if you see this happening at specific moments, please let us know.

Thanks for the response Daniel.
I’m aware of how timers work, and all of these Triggs were working before. Also not due to a flaky network connection.
I had this issue with the Timer actions in my Triggs showing an error and then Timer disappearing entirely from the list of available actions twice now. Disconnecting from Olisto and reconnecting sometimes helps if something in the app is screwed up, but did not help in this case. I was still able to create or edit other Triggs not using Timer. Both times the condition recovered spontaneously a few days later. I can’t guess what was wrong, but when these things happen to a function I use every day I am generally moving the function of the Trigg to Home Assistant instead, so I don’t check back for a few days.