Lost triggs werking in the background

I had an olisto account on my tablet. After installing olisto also on my mobile phone. All my triggs are lost.
But there is a triggs , in the background, that at 8.00h every day shutdown my Somfy (connexoon) blinds. I have change my password by somfy and I also have changed my account by olisto but the problem continues

There are no running triggs on your current account. The most likely cause for the Trigg that still fires is that there’s another account which does have a Trigg active. If you have multiple email addresses which you use, can you send me a list of them so I can check if any of them have a rule for your Somfy device?

Bedankt Gurrt,
Kennelijk had ik toch 2 accounts zoals je al melde. 1 via direct inloggen en 1 via via Facebook met het zelfde email-adres. Na de telefoontje was het door jullie in 10 minuten opgelost. Hiervoor nogmaals hartelijk dank. Groetjes Hans

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