Location not updating

Im using olisto on an iphone 6. I use the location trigger, but have now several times experienced that my location is not updated. Eg I have a trigger for when I’m not home but it may not trigger until several hours after I left home. My phone is set so olisto can use my location always and my phone is also not set to low power mode. It is quite problematic that I cannot trust my location triggers will be activated.
Please advise,

Dear Jakob,

Below I have some questions to help narrow down the problem:

  • Are the triggs executed later than expected, or not at all.
  • Is it for specific location triggs that you notice the delayed activation of the triggs?
  • Are the problematic triggs dependent only on location or also on another condition?
  • Which version of the App do you have (find this under More -> Profile)

If you could get back to me with this, we can attempt to solve this.

Dear Remy,

Thanks for the reply.

Sometimes the triggs execute later but other times not at all. I made debug trigg based on enter/left location -> google sheet, and I can see that some changes in location is not registered, e.g. coming home in the evening and next entry is when I leave next morning.

I only really use one location (home) but I have tried to first expand the area of the location and later remake it, but I still have the problem.

I have some triggs that only use location (either “everyone” or “nobody” is at location) and others where locations is paired with e.g. nighttime. I am running the app (my login) on both my own and my wife’s phone (also iphone 6) to enable multiuser geofencing, and I can see sometimes the location is not updated on my phone and other times not on my wife’s.

I’m running app version 2.18.0.



I’m having the same problem already for month. It sometimes does not notice the change in location at all or sometimes at the complete wrong time. This is already an item at Olisto, but it seems not to be solved. Using 2.21.8 on Android.
By these actions it is unreliable to use location option. I really hope they will solve this

The way the location channel works is different based on whether you have an iPhone or an Android device. For both types of devices, changes were in the works that will be released somewhere this month. (For Android slightly bigger changes)

For now, I suggest we wait for those changes and reassess the problems. I will keep you posted about the status of the release.